Ballistic Ribs Sunsport Marine

Ballistic Range

There are three boats in the Ballistic range: the Ballistic 5.5m Ballistic 6.5m Ballistic 7.8m. All are capable of supporting heavy loads at speed while at the same time giving a stable and comfortable ride.

The Ballistic family will grow in size, with smaller and larger models currently being tested. One of the new larger Ballistics in development is the Ballistic 10m Cabin RIB, which will combine the look, speed and handling of a rigid inflatable boat with the hard-top comfort of a cruiser (featuring a cabin, bed and toilet), a combination of performance and practicality that many other RIB manufacturers have so far struggled to achieve.

Ballistic in Action

The core feature of the innovative Ballistic design is its unique three-part structure, which comprises individual hull, internal ladder chassis and deck mouldings. These three mouldings are bonded together with Lloyds-approved high quality resins and notably, there is no wooden panelling under the deck that can rot. This cutting-edge construction process sets the Ballistic apart from other RIBs and makes it one of the strongest and most durable rigid inflatable boats on the water.

The Ballistic’s superior, high-speed load-carrying capacity comes thanks to its unique reverse scallop chines which, coupled with its deep-V shape hull, gives it immense lift and pace. In addition, the Ballistic has a great finish, is easy to keep clean and its surfaces are non-slip.

The Ballistic also has a quite unique dual-purpose layout. This two-part design features jockey seating at the rear of the boat, enabling safe and comfortable rides at high speeds, and bench seating and room for a removable sunbed at the front, which allows the boat to be used for more relaxing activities.

The high quality of the Ballistic rigid inflatable boats enables the manufacturer to offer a superb guarantee. Each Ballistic RIB has a comprehensive, no-nonsense three-year guarantee for leisure users and Sunsport offers excellent customer support, promising to fix any problem with one of its Ballistics.

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