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Yamaha. The name you can trust!

Yamaha – a name synonymous with performance, quality and reliability; and a reputation earned from years of creating the world’s most advanced outboard engines and marine products. In fact, millions of water sports enthusiasts and professionals choose Yamaha because it’s the name they know and trust.

Because we apply the same high standards and attention to detail to everything we make, it’s no surprise they also choose Yamaha when it comes to parts and accessories – and what’s more, all our products are designed to work seamlessly with each other, which means not just co-ordinated looks and styling, but better performance and total peace of mind.

There’s a wide range too, extending from watersport accessories, hi-tech marine lubricants and ingenious security locks, to protective covers for engines and watercraft, smart steering wheels and performance props. Not to mention remote controls and steering systems, switches, filters, fuel tanks … and other practical things.

Check out too, our new line-up of Digital Network Gauges and electronic control systems. It brings a revolution in boating confidence, enjoyment and safety, with its integral, centrally-managed system of command and control.

So whatever you need to enhance your fun and enjoyment on the water, we’ve got it covered with products that are designed to perform … and built to last.

See the full range at yamaha-motor.co.uk or call Sunsport on 01481 248466 or email matt@sunsportmarine.co.uk to discuss your requirements.