Yamaha Outboard Engines Sunsport Marine

It’s The World’s Favourite Outboard… and that’s a fact.

Yamaha customers all over the world love their outboards for many reasons, but they proudly tell us that one stands out above all others. In real terms, that means delivering unmatched performance in every sense of the word, then sealing the friendship with the legendary Yamaha reputation for premium quality and sheer turnkey reliability – a unique reputation forged over many years and unmatched by any other outboard brand.

Visit any part of the world where there’s water, from the busiest marina to the quietest harbour, and you will see evidence of these great friendships all around you.

Discover why Yamaha is the only Outboard you should buy, call Sunsport on 01481 248466 or email matt@sunsportmarine.co.uk.

For more detailed information view the Yamaha website.